Working today, we create the future

The Company Perlik Aluminium was founded in 1998. Responding to challenges, the founders led the company to reach a solid position in the aluminum market.

Currently, the company is one of the market leaders in the aluminum processing industry in Poland. Perlik Aluminium is based on three pillars: respect for the client, care for the employee and innovation. For 18 years of existence on the Polish market, Perlik Aluminium has gained invaluable experience in co-operation with the most demanding customers, both domestically and globally.

With dedicated staff and owners of the company, Perlik Aluminium is able to satisfy the most demanding customers. Our principle of respect for subcontractors is based on keeping deadlines and perfect quality of the production process, from receiving the material to preparing the finished product for shipment.

The overriding principle of the company is taking care of the employees. It is the efficient workforce, satisfied with their work, which guarantees reliability and stability of Perlik Aluminium.

Innovation, our most important characteristic, distinguishes us from the competition. In our company each order is treated individually. Due to this individualistic approach, Perlik Aluminium is able to provide optimal production efficiency, while maintaining flawlessness and top quality of products. Yet the company's innovation is not limited to the machining processes. Perlik Aluminium is able to meet various demands as for packaging, cleaning and material management.

All of these characteristics guarantee a success in our striving to fulfill our main objective: to push the limits and do the impossible..